Advocating for a Positive Film Environment for
the State of Nebraska

Advocating for a Positive Film Environment for
the State of Nebraska


About Us

Please know we will be adding on to the website soon with more information. Questions please email us direct at: Thank you for your patience

The mission of the NFA is to form a cohesive voice for film and media production across the state.

We aim to:

  • Foster communication throughout the Nebraska filming community
  • Represent our members with a unified voice to advocate and lobby on issues of industry-wide concern
  • Initiate and support economic initiatives to attract, develop, and retain creative and technical jobs in Nebraska – and provide our community with outstanding educational and networking opportunities
  • Celebrate the release and exhibition of films made in Nebraska or with Nebraska natives.

The NFA represents a large and diverse group of production-related businesses throughout the state. By strengthening the infrastructure of Nebraska’s talented film and commercial community, the NFA hopes to foster and attract more productions to be film in the state.

The Nebraska Film Association coordinates with the Nebraska Film Office to connect filmmakers with communities willing to incentivize their productions, work with filmmakers and local educational institutions to provide opportunities for young Nebraskan interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic growing industry.

Forging Relationships with Government Officials


One of our goals is to maintain relationships with government officials like Sen. Anna Wishart. We strive for tax incentives in the state of Nebraska to grow the film industry here. Pictured: NFA Board Members with Senator Ann Wishart. 

Film Streams Partnership


We are thrilled to announce since January 2019 our Nebraska Film Association meetings will be held at the at Film Streams Dundee at 4952 Dodge Street in the Art Lounge the first Wednesday of every month starting at 5pm speakers starts at 5:30pm. Please know the March 2019 meeting will not be held due to it coincides with the Omaha Film Festival. Pictured: NFA Board Member Ehren Parks, Film Streams Angie Balsarini, NFA VP Brigitte Timmerman