Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of Nebraska Film Association’s (NFA) annual membership program?
A: You get free entry to all the Monthly meetings hosted by NFA. We bring in eminent personality from actors, producers, directors, documentary makers, investers, screenplay writers to social workers. Moreover it’s a perfect place to meet and greet, and movie networking”

Q: How do I know the local projects been executed in NE?
A: You may come to Nebraska Film Association’s monthly meetings; local movie entusiasts are regulars, you will know about it. Additional information can be found on our Facebook page: or visit Nebraska Film Office (NFO) website @”

Q: Want to request a donation?
A: Please contact us at the email:
Please add the subject line: Donation Request to NFA”

Q: Want information on how Nebraska Film Association operates, want to know about us?
A: Please click on the link:”

Q: Can I change the visibility of my project?
A: Yes, you can make, send your project details to us and we will post it on our Facebook Group page for you. You can even attend Nebraska Film Association’s (NFA) monthly meetings and network with other fellow film makers”

Q: Do I have to pay to participate?
A: If you are a member, there is no cost to enter the Nebraska Film Association monthly meetings, else you pay a minimal fee of $5 at the door”

Q: Can I revise my work with the Nebraska Film Association members?
A: Yes. Script drafts or video revisions can be discussed with anybody who might be interested in your work. And, NFA monthly meetings is a great place to do networking and discuss projects.

Q: Can Nebraska Film Association help me get an agent/manager?
A: Not directly, but success at Nebraska Film Association has helped talented writers and filmmakers get the attention of the Hollywood and Nebraska Movie community”

Q: What can I do to protect my rights under copyright in my original script or video?
A: You can register your script with the Writer’s Guild of America ( and your original script or video content with the U.S. Copyright Office (”

Q: What does a Producer do?
A: A Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises and controls, either on his/her own authority, or subject to the authority of an employer, all aspects of the motion-picture and/or television production process, including creative, financial, technological and administrative. A Producer is involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion, including coordination, supervision and control of all other talents and crafts, subject to the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts”

Q: What does an Executive Producer do?
A: An Executive Producer supervises, either on his/her own authority (entrepreneur executive producer) or subject to the authority of an employer (employee executive producer) one or more producers in the performance of all of his/her/their producer functions on single or multiple productions. In television, an Executive Producer may also be the Creator/Writer of a series.

Q: What does an Associate Producer do?
A: An Associate Producer performs one or more producer functions delegated to him/her by a producer, under the supervision of such producer”

Q: What does a Co-Producer do?
A: Co-Producers are two or more functioning producers who perform jointly or cumulatively all of the producer functions as a team or group”

Q: What does a Supervising Producer do?
A: A Supervising Producer supervises one or more producers in the performance of some or all of his/her/their producer functions, on single or multiple productions, either in place of, or subject to the overriding authority of an Executive Producer”

Q: What does a Segment Producer do?
A: A Segment Producer produces one or more individual segments of a multi-segment production, also containing individual segments produced by others”

Q: What does a Coordinating Producer do?
A: A Coordinating Producer coordinates the work of two or more individual producers working separately on single or multiple productions in order to achieve a unified end result”

Q: What does a Line Producer do?
A: A Line Producer performs the Producer functions involved in supervising the physical aspects of the making of a motion picture or television production where the creative decision-making process is reserved to others, except to such extent as the Line Producer is permitted to participate. Unit Production Managers, who perform no more than the customary services of a Unit Production Manager should be credited only as such.

Q: How do I get a job on a film?
A: The best way to find paid employment in Nebraska is through the Nebraska Film Office. You may also come to meet and greet Local film makers at the Nebraska Film Association’s monthly meetings. You will also get an opportunity to talk to the eminent guest speakers from Hollywood and few major Television channels at these meetings.

Q: How do I get my foot in the door of film production?
A: The nature of the entertainment industry is such that entry-level positions are usually unpaid. However, there are some great internship opportunities around town, some of which require school credit while others do not.