NFA December Monthly Networking Event

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Dear NFA Members and Supporters,
At our December meeting besides Holiday fun, food and games we will be kicking off the process of electing a board members and officers. It will be a couple month process culminating in the announcement of the results at the February meeting.

Happy holidays, Nebraska Film Association members and supporters.
This month’s meeting on Wednesday will be a season’s spectacular. There will be film fun and Holiday movie games.
But wait there is more….
In appreciation for your support we’re providing free hors d’ouvres at DJ’s Dugout for paid NFA members.
Not a member? Here’s your chance to sign up for your 2017 membership and join the party!
And if you act now by attending, you’ll also be made privy to some exciting announcements for 2017.
As always we will encourage you to share your projects and projections.
We look forward to sharing the end of another productive year with you.
Join us for an evening of insights into filmmaking and the path to success.

Where: DJ’s Dugout 777 N 114th St. Omaha, NE 68154
When: Wednesday, December 07
Doors open at 5 p.m.
Cost: Free for members, $5 for non-members


Sign Up or Renew Your Membership at the Meeting. In order to cast a vote, you must be a current paid member of NFA. The easiest way is to be ready to pay up your 2017 $35 dues at the December meeting.


Sign up by Mail or maybe Renew Online. You will have a month between our December and January meeting to sign up or renew your paid membership in order to receive a ballot in January. You can sign up or renew your membership by sending a check made out to “NFA” for $35 with the memo line “2017 membership.”

Make sure you include on the check or separate paper your NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER.

Send to:

Mark Hoeger
5201 Davenport St.
Omaha NE 68132-2822

Volunteer to Serve. NFA needs folks willing to serve as Officers, on the Board and the standing committees. If you are a paid member and willing to volunteer send to

Johnnye Gerhardt via

In the email include:

POSITION(S) where you would like to serve. It is very possible to be on the Board and a Standing Committee.
YOUR QUALIFICATIONS we will send these with the ballots so also include a brief explanation of why you want to, what you want to do.

The sooner you volunteer the better and no later than 12/26. The Nominations Committee will need a week to recruit unfilled slots and to put together a slate. You must be a paid member to serve on the Board or as an Officer but anyone may serve on a standing committee.


Nominations Presented. The Nominations Committee will present its slate but nominations by any paid member in current standing will be able to place themselves or others into nomination at the meeting. I will do my best to in advance of the meeting let anyone who volunteered, but did not make it on the slate for their desired position, know so they can place themselves in nomination if they desire. If you can’t make it to the meeting email me and I will place your name in nomination but it might be more effective to have a friend at the meeting do it, just to let folks know you have friends.

Intros and Case. At the January meeting all the nominees will be asked to make a two-minute introduction and case for their service. If you can be at the meeting find a friend to make one for you.


Ballots Distributed. We are still working on online or hardcopy but ballots will be distributed to all paid members. All nominees will be invited to provide a short written introduction and case to accompany the ballot. Nominees are welcome to reach out to members on their own during the month to solicit support.

Ballots should be returned by no later than Friday (2/3)

We will announce results at the meeting Wednesday (2/8) and online after that.

Come enjoy our monthly networking events where filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and talent both in front and behind the camera come together to network, share ideas and help develop the foundation of film-making in Nebraska!

Guests are always welcome. When applicable, announcements and updates are shared about upcoming projects, as well as updates about efforts to strengthen and enhance the film/commercial industry in Nebraska.

And, as always, if you would like to make an announcement at the event about a movie, video, or advertising projects, we would appreciate it if you would run it by a board member first.
See you there!

Sincerely yours,

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