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In case you missed it: Guest speaker Jack Young talks indie filmmaking

“Care about what you’re doing and think outside the box.”

That’s just some of the advice Jack Young, the man behind multiple books and films, gave out at the August networking meeting for the Nebraska Film Association Wednesday.

Young, who manages Young Films and Publishing LLC., shared some of his expertise on making an independent film.

His credits include directing, screenwriting, producing and editing.
He has also written multiple books, including “How to write a Screenplay in 3 Days” and “Indie Filmmaker Producer’s Guide: The Nuts and Bolts of Independent Film Production.”

Young focused on how to avoid mistakes that will impact the quality of the film and how it is distributed.

He talked about getting started and evaluating screenplays, actors and locations.

“Small towns are great,” he said, describing a set he used in Freeport, Illinois, where filming for “The Darkening” took place in a reportedly real haunted house.

“Always, always get room tone,” Young stressed as he finished his presentation, which started off by taking about sound quality and automated dialogue replacement.

Those present at the meeting got a special discount code to buy one Young’s books.

Next month, plans are in the works to tour Omaha’s new public access studio KPAO. Stay tuned for details.




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